Jan 192014

So it’s been two and half years, and Lucy congo african grey parrot is talking storm now.
Hard to capture all of her words, but days of recording payed for it.

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Nov 232012

What you see below are SAFE vegetables for parrot to eat, and not only safe, but very nutrition. I can say that your parrot must eat this vegetables daily to keep healthy diet. Not all at once, but you rotate this list daily, you will have healthy african grey parrot for years to come.
I’m sure this is not complete list of every vegetable you can possibly fit, bit very much complete nutrition from what you can find in local stores.

Good luck to you.
–  fresh or sprouted.
– whole plant served raw.
– whole vegetable.
Brussels Sprouts
– Sprouts on the stalk.
– whole vegetable chopped up.
– whole plant is great.
– cut horizontally to avoid long stringy pieces.
– peeled and cut up in small horizontal pieces, so there are no long stringy hard to digest.
Collard Greens
– rich in vitamin A, C, Potassium, Calcium.
– vitamin A.
– must be limited.
– rich in vitamin A.
– romaine, chicory, boston, arugula. Any but iceberg, which has no nutritional value.
Mustard Greens
– watermelon (pits are okay), cantaloupe (rind is toxic), canary melon, sabra melon,
– the flesh is good, remove seeds and rind.
– the tomato only, leaves and stem are toxic
– The turnip itself and the greens. The greens are rich in vitamin A
– Rich in Vitamin A, E, K
– zucchini, acorn, spaghetti, butternut, yellow, pumpkin, etc. Any portion of the squash is good, especially the seeds. They are high in selenium and other healthy minerals.
Sweet potato
– Raw or slightly microwaved 45-60 seconds per sweet potato.
Swiss Chard
White potatoes
– whole spud, chopped up. Remove all eyes, as they are poisonous.
– Rich in vitamin A, C, E

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Nov 222012

Can congo african grey parrot have blue feathers?

Few weeks ago I notice few blue tips on some of the feathers on the stomach of my congo african grey parrot, this is weird I thought, so I didn’t pay attention. But feather are still there, so here are some pictures.
So can congo african grey have blue feathers? I guess they can, I don’t know where this is from or what kind of mutation this is, but this is what we got.
I guess I can also post November update on my baby bird.
She is doing very good, no changes, happy talking african grey parrot, joy of our household, very happy baby. Still 400 grams I guess she will stay that way.

Thats about it.


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Oct 172012

October is here.

Hello and another update. October is here, winter here we come.

I have a feeling my Congo African Grey parrot will be missing summer, nice days outside, sun, what not to miss?
Here in Portland Oregon it’s still nice weather, we have nice streak of mid 70’s so far and its been nice, These are the last days before rain hits, so I’m taking Lucy outside every chance I get to get as much sun as she can.
Today I put her on the scale and to my surprise she is still at 400 grams.
Usually Congo African Grey parrots are within 500-600 grams, some of them are little less, but this is unusual for Congo Grey to be in 400’s. Well she is a good eater, so I don’t worry to much.
Lately been reading up more on African Grey diet and food selection and increasing on dark greens a little, they are containing every vitamin out there, nothing but good stuff.

Thanks for visiting my Congo African Grey Blog and till next update.


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Sep 302012

By nature African Grey parrot known to have excessive powder. People call it feather dust or dandruff, actual name for it is parrot dander. Some people are allergic to dander or will become allergic with over exposure. So before buying bird seriously conciser this fact.
I see often people selling African Grey Parrot because of allergy problem.
There are few ways to keep dander on down level, and few things you must do:
You should mist your bird daily with pure water or dander down solution. Also humidity is very important to these birds.
You should give your bird nice shower 2-3 times a week, I am talking nice soaker, if you know what I mean.
Air purifier in the room near cage should help allot. Also regular cleaning, vacuuming, dusting helps too.
When showering your bird make sure your bird don’t go to bed wet, give her few hours to dry out. Never dry your bird with human hair dryer.
I give my bird Red Palm Oil, it’s recommended for African Grey especially. From what I read, it greatly helps with the dry skin on the Greys.
Now you know basics about feather dust in African Grey parrots.

Good luck to you.

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Sep 232012

Wow September already, time fly’s when you have fun. Summer was very busy time for our family. Allot of vacations, kids activities, well… most of you know.
We had awesome summer this year.
Lucy celebrated her first birthday, one year old on August 1st. Happy B-Day baby!!!
I still cant believe we have Congo African Grey parrot in our household, she is such a blessing to our family, such a breath of fresh air. Something new every day. When we comeback home from work she surprises us with new things.
Right after her birthday she started to actually talk, her first human voice word was “Hello”, than she said “Hi”, the other day she started saying “Hey Baby” and “Hey You”.
So far so good.
Eating good, spending allot of time outside in the sun.
This is my quick update for now. Winter is coming up, more time indoor and I’ll get back on my weekly update schedule with pictures.
Thank you for visiting my blog, sticking around and learning more about Congo African Grey parrot.

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May 232012

It’s end of the May, man time is flying…
Lucy is doing great, just such a pleasure to have African Grey parrot around the house.She is beautiful, gentle, sweet.
Starting to talk, not very clear, but you can hear her saying Hello, How are you and she whistles some words, this is good start at 10 months old.
She didn’t gain much weight, nothing at all, stays at about 410-420 grams, its on the low side, but still with in the norm for this age Congo African Grey parrot.
Eating good, loves fruits, veggies, very good on pellets, over all no complains, eats anything that comes her way.
Now it’s nice outside and I am taking her outside more, when kids playing outside she is on the training stick by the garage door just sitting listening to the birds, trying to mimic some of the birds whistles and whistles at people passing by. Almost got me in trouble with this two girls. This two girls walking by and talking, then Lucy whistles at them nice and loud, they look at me, like What? I did look at Lucy and they got it. This is not first time this happened, so I think she is getting some ideas.

So thats about it for the May update, please check back later.

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Apr 062012

This is our first training attempt.
Training Congo African Grey is not hard, they pick up quick and easy. I would say to get to the point of this short video it took me 3 days, short 10-15 min sessions one-two sessions a day. Good rewards, simple commands and “Give me” trick is down.
Now my Congo african grey parrot knows trick 🙂 Wohoo…
Enjoy short video I made.

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Apr 032012

Hello everyone, this is April update.
Today is beginning of April, spring is here.
Lucy is 8 months old.
Today I weight her and she is 420 grams.
Over all she is a good little girl. Starting to talk. This is funny how african grey parrots starting to talk. They are very shy birds, and starting to speak very quite, saying words like they are practicing and don’t want anyone to hear them speak, but words are coming out clearer and clearer.
Another thing is that when some of my friends come over, and want to see african grey in “action” talking, she wont do any noises or her talks, once door closes, she is going nuts speaking mimicking noices, whistling and all…
Now she is getting better with kids, it’s a great african grey experience over all.
We all love her so much, she is like a child in the family, gets so much attention, she is center of family action and all.
I cant wait for summer, to take her out more, outside and everywhere we go.
I am doing some potty training, she starts to come trough, but it take time I guess 🙂

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